Imaging Service

As well as a physical inspection service, SOS Inspection Services Ltd also provide a remote digital image inspection service using the Audatex AudaEnterprise estimating system. The remote digital image inspection service offers full control over the repairs and offers the following key features:-

  • Containment of claim costs
  • Full Audit Facility
  • Prompt economic, non-physical inspection of damaged vehicles
  • Early identification of vehicles requiring physical inspection
  • Prompt negotiation and agreement of settlement.

AudaEnterprise enables you to generate a variety of productivity reports from a single database of all networked assessments, including TTS and MACE- subject to the terms of specific work-provider contracts.

This flagship estimating service, covering approximately 80% of the UK repair market, is a centralised, web-based, multi-user system. Designed to streamline the process for all parties, it provides a faster, more efficient approach to the whole estimate calculation, communication and management process.